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4 June 2017


EcoTechnoPark: all transportation systems in one video

Interview on work progress with Chief engineer of SkyWay Technologies Co. Alexey Savin.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo everybody! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today we are in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark near Maryina Gorka so as to show you what is happening at the construction site, how the preparatory work is going on towards EcoFest that awaits us in the near future. Certainly, we shall find somebody of our Company's managing staff, who will comment on the work progress here. Let me remind you that EcoTechnoPark is the center for innovative developments, demonstration, certification, testing, production and perfection of SkyWay transport technologies and creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes, as well as development of agrotechnologies. Currently they proceed with the beautification at EcoTechnoPark area and other preparatory work to conduct one of the most exciting and long-awaited events of the year in the sphere of innovations, transport and high technologies - EcoFest 2017. However, besides the holiday, the most important thing is the construction of SkyWay communication systems at EcoTechnoPark - nobody has canceled it. Today we are going to talk with the Chief engineer of SkyWay Technologies Co. Alexey Savin, who will describe us what is happening at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark territory. We shall do it step by step. Now we are standing at the cargo transport system. I think we shall start with it. Hallo, Alexey. Please explain on the construction stage of the cargo line located just behind us.

Alexey Savin: Two 50-meter spans have been installed at the cargo line. We are in process of assembling the third and the last 50-meter span for its installation on the track structure.

M.K.: What will follow next? I am not asking about the deadline. I guess everything goes on as scheduled, though you might know better. What awaits us next at this section?

A.S.: Next, we shall lay cables inside the track structure tubes, stretch and fill them with concrete.

M.K.: As I understand, then we shall proceed with U-turn circles, loading/unloading and unloading/loading terminals and so on.

A.S.: On completing 150-meter track, as you said correctly, we should work with U-turn circles, loading and unloading terminals, storing grounds and drive blocks.

M.K.: Thank you very much. Now we shall pass over along the EcoTechnoPark site to the touring line. Its lower part is already completed. What is going on now at the flexible section? As I see, U-turn circles are actually ready there, even strings are stretched. Am I right?

A.S.: Yes, you are. U-turn circles are installed. Now we are assembling the turnout switch to allow to put various vehicles on the track structure. Cables are stretched on the sagging line and we are installing the rail there.

M.K.: Thank you. As regards 1-km track that will be the booster, I see some activities there, too.

A.S.: They are now welding a rail on top of 1-km track of the high-speed route. Then, finishing decoration work is in full swing at the ground and first floors of the terminal stations. The anchor support is being added with an open-sided shed to be used as the roof of the building.

M.K.: It seems you are talking about the 1st anchor support or rather about the SkyWay transport/logistics hub that is combined with the 1st terminal anchor support.

A.S.: Yes, you are right.

M.K.: Thank you very much, Alexey. We shall not distract you. We shall walk a bit around EcoTechnoPark and show our audience the happenings here. I wish you success. Thank you.

A.S.: Thank you. Build SkyWay - Save the Planet!

M.K.: In addition to the ongoing construction of all transportation systems at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, work does not stop on the final perfection of rolling stock. Recently we showed you running tests with unibike commented by the General designer of SkyWay Technologies Co. Anatoly Yunitskiy. Today you can witness performance trials with the 14-seat unibus. On the day of our filming crew's visit to Maryina Gorka, engineers testing the rolling stock proceeded with checking the assembly design of backup batteries, mileage readings and studying the correspondence of design parameters to the obtained ones. In simple understandable language, they were checking how long the battery charge would function when driving in autonomous emergency mode. In addition, they were testing the acceleration and braking with motor-wheels, debugging the hydraulic brake system with controlled performance features and characteristics, as well as debugging, troubleshooting and performance testing of all systems of the vehicle over the long run. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on our official website. Support our project. Be sure to come to EcoFest since there are not so many holidays in life.


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