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7 June 2017


SkyWay for South Ossetia

We offer to your attention a short video report on the visit of the President of the Joint-stock Company "South Ossetian Railway" Zurab Zaseyev, who visited the office of design organization, pilot production facility and SkyWay EcoTechnoPark last week.

SkyWay for South Ossetia

The central subject of the visit was the search of alternative instruments to develop the transport industry in the South Ossetian region, one of which may be Unitsky String Transport technology due to optimal combination of high technical features and low capital expenses for construction and operation.

Translation of the video:

Good day! I am the President of the Joint-stock Company "South Ossetian Railway". I am staying now in Belarus, in Minsk, in SkyWay Company. I got to know about this Company thanks to BelTransnet Ltd. while in Moscow. Today I became convinced that I was not mistaken as regards my visit here. I only deeply regret that I did not do it earlier. Firstly, this technology means delivery and high speed. Then it is science and expertise in it, technological developments and a comprehensive approach to this issue. And the main thing is the proof that this technology is 100% correct. Just beside me, there are people, who are really doing it, building it. I wish that all I have seen here would be implemented in my little homeland. My country will benefit from it environmentally. It is most important for me. Using SkyWay technology I want to succeed in making so that living in highlands would be prestigious. I think that the future is with us. I got convinced in it today.

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