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21 June 2017


A new level of SkyWay quality

The SkyWay design and engineering company has obtained a Conformity Certificate. The Certificate testifies that the quality management system applied by the company in relation to the development of pre-project (pre-investment) documentation and sections of design documentation for construction facilities, the performance of the functions of a general designer, project customer and tenant builder, as well as carrying out engineering services for complex control and technical supervision in construction fully complies with the requirements of the National Standard STB ISO 9001-2009 of the Republic of Belarus.

The "Norm Test" company - the body in charge of the organization and certification of management systems duly accredited by the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus - acted as an auditor. The "Norm Test" has organized and carried out the certification, as well as continues to maintain the validity of conformity certificates, for more than 140 enterprises in various branches of economy.

Marina Kondral, the

"In June 2017, we assessed the functioning of the quality management system applied in SkyWay Technologies Co., which corresponds to the National Standard STB ISO 9001. Although the standard itself is national, it integrates the international experience in the area of quality management and allows to confirm the efficiency of the measures employed by the company in order to ensure the quality of its service or products.

I will not hide the fact that when assessing the efficiency of all measures for quality improvement and assurance, our team of expert audits was pleasantly surprised - according to the results, your company strives for the leadership in its area, whereas its commitment to the optimization and perfection of its activity has a sustainable character. All processes related to the development, design and technical supervision are organized at the highest level. It is particularly gratifying that this tendency covers not only some separate elements of the control system but the entire business of the company on the whole. Apart from providing a balance between economic indices, the company pays careful attention to the quality and safety aspects, which is unfortunately a rare fact these days. Taking into account the above, I can positively state that SkyWay Technologies Co. has the highest level of control, which is in itself a rare circumstance for such a young company.

What does the obtained certificate suggest? At present, the application of international quality management tools is a priori vitally important being a weighty competitive advantage. It is now not only a market trend, but a common requirement of many manufacturers to their contractors and product suppliers. Having undergone this certification process, not only has SkyWay Technologies Co. become an important player on the international market, but, first and foremost, it has proved and demonstrated its compliance with the national legislative requirements in the area of quality standards. Such a guarantee for stability and high quality of the services rendered is becoming especially relevant and essential considering that the stability notion in the modern changing world is often a mere formality.

Issuing this certificate, we take the responsibility and therefore solemnly declare with all responsibility: your company is perfectly organized, with well-established business processes and control methods for the work performed. And perhaps the most important point here: the company has highly qualified staff capable of doing their work competently. It would be impossible to achieve such a high level of development without concerted efforts of the entire team.

In that context, I congratulate all the management of SkyWay Technologies Co. and wish the company good luck and prosperity. I sincerely believe that the SkyWay Technologies Co. brand will very soon become a synonym to quality and safety not only on the Belarusian market, but on the international market as well."

Let us remind you that the aim of the quality management system adopted in the design and engineering company SkyWay Technologies Co. is the reduction of financial risks and the increase in the operating efficiency, which in its turn improves the performance, decreases expenses and contributes to the profitability growth.

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