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28 June 2017


EcoTechnoPark: three days before the EcoFest

Although very little time is left before the EcoFest and the preparation to this event is a priority task set before the SkyWay Technologies Co. team, the construction of the international centre for testing, demonstration and certification of the Unitsky String Transport runs its course.

The photos offered to your attention eloquently testify to the successful installation of a sagging track structure on high-rise intermediate supports. In this case, the construction technology differs from the one used for other variants of the SkyWay track structure: up to now, anchor supports with anchorage nodes have been installed, as well as two low-height and two high-rise intermediate supports; the rails have been assembled, the strings have been tensed and the unique concrete grout of in-house development has been poured.

In recent days allotted for the preparation to the final assembly stage of the sagging section of a light urban track, the track structure profile has been assembled at all saddles. Two small saddles have already been installed on low-height intermediate supports and all preliminary work related to the expected elevation of the track structure has been done: its cleaning and application of special protective coating.

EcoTechnoPark: three days before the EcoFest

EcoTechnoPark: three days before the EcoFest

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