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14 July 2017


SkyWay overpasses

There are no such steel reinforced concrete overpasses anywhere in the world. Such overpasses, pre-stressed, continuous (i.e. without expansion joints) and statically indeterminate, because the stress-strain state of all their components depends not only on the external loads but also on the ambient temperature. Our overpasses are designed for temperatures that can be in a construction area with a probability of only once in 100 years. For example, in Maryina Gorka these are calculated temperatures from −40 ° to +60 °. This can occur by heating the structure in the sun.

SkyWay overpasses in EcoTechnoPark

In addition, our overpasses have no screen effect, therefore this factor alone improves the aerodynamics of a high-speed unibus by 2.5 times and reduces twice the required power of the drive. The overpass has such a low material consumption that, for example, a double-line string-rail track structure of sagging type with 3-km spans may be built with such quantity of steel that is required to manufacture a single railroad rail R65 of the same length. Now imagine a traditional cable bridge with the same span (3 km) - it would weigh more than 100 thousand tons and would cost above a billion dollars!

SkyWay overpasses in EcoTechnoPark

Moreover, if necessary, our innovative overpasses may be sutured with fiber-optic communication lines, power supply lines and product pipelines, and wind and solar power stations may be arranged on supports.

SkyWay overpasses in EcoTechnoPark

The string-rail overpass for high-speed unibuses is absolutely unique. The high-speed route is electrified, but you will not find there any overhead contact network. It seems to be there, and, at the same time, it is not there. The thing is that the contact network are the rails themselves and the power collection is carried out by steel wheels rolling on the rails - by the left and right ones. Therefore, the left and right trusses are electrically insulated not only from each other but also from supports including the anchor ones. We had to develop special power insulators for anchor supports withstanding a thousand-ton horizontal load.

As regards the rolling stock: unibike, unibus, unicar, unitruck - they are all electric vehicles on steel wheels and do not have drivers, as they are managed by an automated control system. All of them are only speedy and high-speed vehicles and have a unique aerodynamics and minimum energy loss on the motion including that due to special motor-wheels, which we have not only designed but also manufacture at our own production facility of the SkyWay Technologies Co.

SkyWay overpasses in EcoTechnoPark

And we have already started production of the whole range of rolling stock: freight, urban, intercity high-speed types. We also mastered the production of steel structures and composite units for overpasses - anchor and support assemblies, elements of rail-string trusses, equipment for transport infrastructure and many more.

The staff of SkyWay project designing organization know, are able and do themselves almost everything needed for Unitsky String Transport. This allows the SkyWay technology to be always ahead of the competitors and to take leading positions in the world market of transportation at the "second level".

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