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25 July 2017


About linear cities

Where is actually located the first sample of a linear city? Why is India ready to build linear cities and Russia is still not? How much has changed since the time, when SkyWay ideas and projects received support in the UN and what did the UN Deputy Secretary-General said about the prospects of Unitsky String Transport for the sustainable development of modern cities?

Please watch the new release of the chronicles of the open mike session at EcoFestival 2017 on linear cities:

Translation of the video:

Participant: Dear Anatoly! Good afternoon! I am proud I am here and participate in such a great project. I have a question. I think everybody here understands that we are saving the planet with it. And our children and grandchildren will live in this new world changed by SkyWay. However, on the way here in the bus I had a conversation with my partner. I say, "I dream to live in a linear city." She says, "You want too much! You have children and grandchildren for it. You and me will not live till that time." "OK, I will ask Mr. Yunitskiy." Dear Anatoly, please do not ask how old I am. Just answer, in how many years a linear city will appear. I will plan myself, how I will live till that time, when people present here would be able to live in that city.

Anatoly Yunitskiy: The thing is the first sample of a linear city is right here. Imagine there is a cluster over there within a walking distance. And a cluster in on the other side. Maybe, we shall do it. Here is the first sample of a linear city that we shall start to demonstrate. Then they will be built around the entire world. I remember a meeting with the Deputy UN General Secretary Klaus T?pfer. It was in 2000 in Malm?, Sweden. I have received two UN grants. Both of them - for the use of string transport to develop sustainable cities. The first one was in 1998, the second one - in 2002. I described then the structure of linear cities. And Klaus T?pfer, who was before that the Minister of Transport Infrastructure in the united Germany, said, "You have such a wonderful project!" He added that in 30 years, i.e. by 2030, the population of the cities would increase by 3 billion people. Where will they go to live? To big metropolitan cities - London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Los Angeles and many others. There is nothing available for these people there: neither work, nor housing, nor hospitals. Schools are not available for their children. But they will go and live there. They will live in slums, they will breathe with smog. However, your project can change this situation. People can live in linear cities. Primarily, it is needed for developing countries. Later he said, "Show it. Then we shall be able to implement and promote it through the UN. Therefore, when we show it, it will start to develop. If we do not show it, it will remain on paper and at conversation level. It also depends on you. It may be done soon. If we take India, I think it will be possible to start building it in 2-3 years. India is ready for it, but Russia is not.

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