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27 July 2017


SkyWay modern equipment

Last week you could already see how the newly acquired production areas of SkyWay Technologies Co. are being filled with highly qualified personnel and the most modern equipment. All this is done for one purpose - to create the innovative transport that can effectively meet the challenges of the new time setting new standards in the field of passenger and cargo transportation, creating new benchmarks in the cost of goods and services in the transport industry, as well as allowing to look from a new angle at the existing standards of comfort and travel speed.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo everybody! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Recently we have reported in our news releases that SkyWay Technologies Co. has acquired new production areas that are now being filled with a hi-tech modern equipment and highly qualified personnel thus preparing for a small-batch production. We shall continue the discussion of this issue in today's report.

Hallo, Dmitry! We met quite recently in EcoTechnoPark. Now we are at the production facility here, where you also work. I see that new equipment appeared at your workshop. That truck, which they are decorating with SkyWay colors.

Dmitry Kniga, chief of testing department: This is a breakdown lorry. This vehicle helps to carry out all the work on testing and maintenance of rolling stock in EcoTechnoPark. It has a completely independent power supply, tooling and the required diagnostic equipment. The cabin is extended and can take 5 people. There are 3 places for operators to work with computers. At the top, there is a special platform for access to high suspended objects, for example, to a unibus. This a very helpful lorry for our work.

M.K.: If I understand correctly, in case we have targeted projects in Belarus with the first one expected in Mogilev and some problems occur there, you will be able to arrive in this vehicle timely to the place of accident and quickly settle all such problems.

D.K.: Certainly. Specialists will hit the road with all the required equipment and, to my mind, we shall fix the problems in no time.

M.K.: As I see, you are also working out here variants to solve extraordinary situations. In case of some targeted projects abroad, where all the required protocols are settled, this experience may be applied there, for example in projects in India, which seems the most promising option now.

D.K.: Undoubtedly. A vehicle of technical support and maintenance is necessary for any developed structure. This experience may be repeated in any place.

M.K.: Thank you very much. Wish you success in your needful work.

Good day, Dmitry! Please explain to all our partners and me what kind of a device we see here.

Dmitry Zabrodskiy, workshop manager: Now we can see assembly and start-up work with the laser cutter of metal. This is a machine for pattern cutting of sheet metal. It will allow us to refuse from contractors after its commissioning and we shall be able to cut into patterns carbon steel up to 10 mm, aluminum alloys up to 8 mm, stainless steel up to 3 mm and also some types of plastics. In addition to this machine, we expect the arrival of a sheet-bending machine in August. Also with a computerized numerical control (CNC). These two machines will settle completely the issue of metal-sheet components, i.e. various brackets that we have plenty in a unibus or a unicar. Contractors did earlier 100% of metal pattern cutting. This is funds, this is time and deadlines. Now we can do it all by ourselves and compile our own plans and schedules. The machine allows to work uninterruptedly 24 hours around the clock.

M.K.: What about the personnel? Do we have people capable to work on the machine with CNC? Such machine is a high-end technology.

D.Z.: Certainly, we have the personnel. In a week we shall get the operator of this laser machine and the technologist, who will write programs for metal processing.

M.K.: Dmitry, it seems to me this is not the only your acquisition. Show us what other new equipment appeared here. Tell us, what kind of equipment this is. As I understand, all the machines are only being installed in your workshop and the operation will start in the future.

D.Z.: Yes. This is a profile-bending machine. It is needed to bend profiles and tubes, which we have plenty. Mostly they are parts of a body frame. For instance, we can take a unicar, where the sides have a bent shape. The body frame of a high-speed vehicle also has such shell structure, therefore it is a very useful thing. One of these days we shall start its operation. This is the machine with CNC.

M.K.: Since it will start to work one of these days, the issue of personnel is solved and the scope of work is ensured for it.

D.Z.: It is ensured. Everything is alright with personnel. Again all the parts that went to contractors for bending, will be produced here. It will save us time and funds. The whole equipment that we buy now will allow us to reduce the product cost. No doubt. It is the right tendency. Our own equipment will always allow us to save considerable funds.

M.K.: Thank you very much. Wish you success.

D.Z.: Thank you.

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