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31 July 2017


About the farm

The destruction of fertile soil and desertization is the major threat to humanity today. And if in the arms race people sometimes come to their senses, stop asserting their power, take a pause in the production of nuclear waste and at least sometimes recall that they are human, everything is much more complicated with technologies and the market. The immune system of our biosphere becomes a helpless victim of greedy interests of transnational corporations, business tycoons and unscrupulous politicians.

Everyone is guilty and nobody is to blame. Familiar situation, isn't it? The answer is one. Everyone should start with himself and his local community. Bring order to your home and yard, at the workplace and in the enterprise, in the country and on the planet.

From the latest edition of chronicles of open mike, you will learn about the prospects of introducing the technology of industrial production of humus, whether Anatoly Yunitskiy identifies himself as a farmer and about the prospects of developing land in Maryina Gorka.

Translation of the video:

Tatyana Frolova: Dear Anatoly! Please tell us about your farm here. A little bit.

Anatoly Yunitskiy: Well, I am just a beginning farmer. Here is my plot over there. A little more than 100 hectares with a lake. We have received the land quite recently, the work is only beginning. I have taken that farm not with the purpose to harvest 100 tons of potatoes or 10 tons of apples, sell them and earn some money. No. The purpose is different. Primarily I want to develop in this farm the technologies on industrial production of humus so that it would be possible to produce it in millions of tons. Now we witness the destruction of fertile soils on the planet. Desertization is in progress. And the health of the biosphere is the soil. In fact, soil is the immune system of the biosphere and the whole of it is actually killed together with the microorganisms that live in it. So as to stop desertization of China, only China, where 1,200 square kilometers are desertified annually, 100 mln tons of humus are needed per year. Only for China. I have the technology how to do it. I want to work it out here simultaneously planting gardens, vineyards and starting a small ranch. The ponds are already filled with fish. I want to do it as a farmer, that is to feed people and my family. However, the super-objective is different. It is of great interest to many people. We had a delegation from Dubai. Our seedbeds impressed them more than these tracks. When the Assistant to the Chief Sheikh of Dubai went on the top of the guesthouse with his clerk, they picked up strawberries and tasted them. Then they said, "We have never eaten such delicious berries in our lives." When they took a cucumber over there, they said it was so tasty, crackling, with acicles, not a plastic one sold in shops. Our food is not right. We should not eat the food that we eat. Though it is possible to grow a different food in the right soil. This is my objective.

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