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4 August 2017


Maryina Gorka thanks SkyWay

Belarus, Pukhavichy district, town of Maryina Gorka. An Honorary diploma was awarded to Nadezhda Kosareva, General Director of SkyWay Technologies Co., SkyWay project designing Company. Local authorities distinguished a significant contribution to the improvement of Maryina Gorka and an active participation in the public life of the district.

Maryina Gorka thanks SkyWay

Nadezhda Kosareva commented this event, "We are grateful for the appreciation of our activities, however, it is too early to dump momentum in development and rest on our laurels. We have already created a sound atmosphere of cooperation that brings together business, local authorities and the local community. We will continue to help the town to the best of our abilities, we have many points of mutually beneficial contacts. This year EcoFest in Maryina Gorka was attended by about 5,000 guests from around the world, who came in one day, which is 25% of the town's population. I think over some time EcoTechnoPark will finally take shape of one of the attractions in the town that will contribute to the development of both internal and external tourism, and infrastructure. Everyone will benefit from it".

EcoTechnoPark has grown up in this small town just during a couple of years on the former tank training ground. SkyWay Technologies Co. is actively developing in Belarus, it employs today more than 300 specialists. In addition to EcoTechnoPark, it consists of nine project-designing divisions, pilot production facilities and business departments.

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