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9 September 2017


SkyWay in India: interview with Victor Baburin

We offer an interview with the Deputy General Director for development of SkyWay Technologies Co. Victor Baburin to your attention.

In his interview Victor explains in detail on the development of cooperation between the SkyWay project designing organization and Indian partners, on the benefits of applying string transport and infrastructure facilities on the Indian territory in comparison to the existing transport solutions, as well as the prospects for SkyWay technology in the freight transportation market.

Translation of the video:

Victor Baburin: Summarizing the results of our first year's work in India, we can say with certainty we know, with whom we should work, on what particular targeted projects and what next steps should be made. We have made sure that India is a unique market for SkyWay. First, because India is reaching the leading positions in the rate of economy growth. At the same time, about USD 1,500 of GDP per capita confirms the fact that transport technologies ensuring low-cost of travel fare will be in demand in this country. That's why SkyWay offering unique transportation solutions interested representatives of authorities and potential customers. Primarily, as a technology having no analogues and, secondly, as the technology proceeding with the stage of a fully-featured industrial prototype.

In this case, we are in line with the theory on breakthrough innovations that claims major Companies are primarily interested in sales of their products to major customers leaving thin markets aside unnoticed. Here small innovative Companies are coming out to the foreground. They offer their low-cost and affordable product, be it not of the same quality as the major competitors have. However, they are interested in search of new markets and they start to work at the markets that are not of interest to major Corporations.

In the course of our work in India, we have found such extensive market niches, where SkyWay is organically a pathfinder and is of great interest to customers. Primarily, it is the market niche of container haulage. SkyWay offers here low-cost solutions for container transportation from exporting areas to a port removing the problem of the most complicated part of the route, i.e. the zone at the port. In this regard we are in a unique "win-win" situation, because we do not enter in confrontation with the Union of trucking Companies, as they are glad themselves to get rid of that inefficient section of the route, where a driver has to stand idle instead of driving to pick up the next cargo. As a result, a port receives an efficient controlled transportation system, a driver excludes this inefficient section of the route and SkyWay opens a huge market niche of container haulage in the ports.

In case of a successful project implementation on-site of one of the country's ports, the number of such projects around the country will exceed 300-400.

The second niche opening for SkyWay is the so-called "system of feeders" or transportation servicing of major logistics hubs, for example, metro stations, because reaching a metro station is a challenging task today in India. By connecting residential and business areas to metro lines with a low-cost lightweight transport system, SkyWay also has no analogues and is of great interest to authorities.

Our third visit was to the energy Company of the state of Maharashtra. They have a project of transporting coal from the open-pit coal mine to the power plant. They got interested in both of our transportation offers. They are the unitruck that is already being demonstrated in EcoTechnoPark near Maryina Gorka and the unitrans, which is being designed now. It is sort of a rail and belt conveyor.

Our next step will be signing a number of Agreements at the Belarusian-Indian business forum on September 11 with potential customers. Then we shall start preparing feasibility studies on a number of projects together with our business partners in India.

The Indian market provides SkyWay with a unique opportunity to carve out these new market niches avoiding confrontation with potential competitors and to provide the customers with an efficient and demanded transportation solution.

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