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12 September 2017


Embodiment of dream is a common cause

The informational portal Anna News released a broadcast about Unitsky String Transport (in Russian). The program presenter, Professor, Doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Georgy Malinetskiy hosted a blogger Tono Bolevi.

The central subject of the conversation was Unitsky String Transport, or SkyWay, which is regarded as a worthy alternative to the existing solutions in the field of high-speed freight and passenger transportation.

This program is characterized by a deep analysis of the technological component in SkyWay transport systems, which beneficially distinguishes it from publications periodically appearing in the press, whose authors are passionate about only one question: "Where does Anatoly Yunitskiy get the funds for the implementation of the project?"

In gratitude for the contribution to the popularization of SkyWay transport, its author Anatoly Yunitskiy expressed his intention to pass a part of his share in the technology to the blogger Tono Bolevi.

"Blogger has long been a dirty word for me, - commented on the broadcast Dr. Yunitskiy. - I was greatly surprised with the extensive and deep knowledge of SkyWay nuances by the guest of the program blogger Tono Bolevi. He's just a smart man and deserves an award from me personally."

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