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30 September 2017


EcoTechnoPark: unibus weighing 3.5 tons running on a "string"

This week was marked with trial runs of a unibus on a slack track structure in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark.

The tests are conducted in the framework of the acceptance testing of rolling stock. One of the important confirmed features is the versatility of Yunitskiy's string transport - all types of suspended SkyWay rolling stock can be used on different types of transport systems. In a similar vein, a week earlier a 2-seat unibike was tested on the truss structure.

A 14-passenger unibus is under performance trials on slack track structure in various operating modes including that with the fully loaded weight of 3.5 tons. Right on the first day of testing, its speed exceeded 80 km/h at the center point at the middle span of 400-m length. The next milestone is one hundred, and then the maximum, which the 400-m long span between the high intermediate supports will allow to accelerate.

What is more, the current tests allow to make sure of the possibility to use heavy SkyWay vehicles on a similar type of track structure that allows to cross water and other obstacles without building bridges, tunnels, flyovers, etc.

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