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5 October 2017


The opening of the transport week: SkyWay brings closer the world without borders

The EU can provide financial support to cross-border transport projects involving Belarus. This was announced by Vice Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin at the opening of the transport week in Belarus, reports TV channel ONT (in Russian).

Let us remind that it was Anatoly Kalinin, who suggested the General designer of SkyWay transport Anatoly Yunitskiy to prepare a project for implementation of SkyWay transport systems in the transport infrastructure of Belarus.

The issue of mainstreaming cross-border cooperation has matured throughout the region. Special attention to SkyWay transport is paid in Kaliningrad, a city that has historically strong economic ties with the homeland of SkyWay General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy. "The project of SkyWay urban transport can completely change the infrastructure of the city, relieve it and make the transport system more comfortable for residents ", - writes the news agency "Profit".

The development of the transport innovative sphere is all the more urgent, because in recent years Belarus hosted many international events, including sports. Projects of the II European games 2019 are being discussed. The next step will be the world hockey Championship in 2021, which Belarus will conduct together with Latvia. After introducing SkyWay transport in India, it began to get more attention in its home country. The Internet magazine "Garlic", news Agency "Ecopress" and others informed their readers about the presentation of unicar.

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