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6 October 2017


"New locomotive on old rails"

Such is the heading of an article published in the October issue of the newspaper "Arguments and facts in Belarus" about SkyWay transport. The key subject of the article is the Soviet engineering school with its intellectual heritage helping modern scientists, engineers and inventors to bring their own ideas to life. SkyWay transport comes forward as a vivid example of this intellectual continuity: Anatoly Yunitskiy succeeded to optimally combine well-known and time-tested engineering solutions in its innovative transport system with the latest trends in the field of hi-tech.

"After the disappearance of the Soviet Union from the political map, scientists and engineers of the former Soviet Union ran scatter each his own way, and many famous factories went bankrupt. Outstanding achievements in the field of high technologies are increasingly visible over the ocean. But once our, then common ground has given to the world the first satellite and the first nuclear power plant... the question naturally arises: what should be done and what is being done now to restore the former glory of science and industry?" - writes the author of the article.

Read the article (in Russian) about what the basis of successful projects in the Soviet industry was and how it works now in the field of innovative developments in CIS countries.

Arguments and facts in Belarus: New locomotive on old rails

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