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14 October 2017


Certification of the SkyWay rolling stock: unibus and unibike

In September, the acceptance tests of the SkyWay rolling stock prototypes were launched. Within two weeks, the first prototypes of the rolling stock were tested: 2-passenger Unibike U4-621 and 14-passenger Unibus U4-210. The tests were performed according to the special methods developed by the certifying organization for electrified wheeled vehicles.

The testing is carried out for each of the characteristics individually, and there are dozens of them, including those for which the appropriate weather conditions are required: rain, wind, frost, hoarfrost, ice, etc. This procedure is similar to the standard vehicle service, when a car does not obtain a certificate unless all the parameters meet the established standards.

The list of all main types of tests, for which they are conducted jointly with the experts of the accredited body, has more than two dozen items. Smooth running when driving on a semi-rigid string rail line and on a rigid rail-truss line, usability and tightness of the passenger cabin, mass-dimensional parameters of the vehicles and much more have already been determined among other characteristics at the first stage.

The standards for the SkyWay rolling stock have been developed for the first time. The acceptance tests have been developed, on the one hand, to clarify the parameters based on theoretical research and, on the other hand, to become the basis for operational adjustment and further improvement of not only individual units and assemblies, but also innovative vehicles in general. Some of the characteristics, including noise and smooth running, were optimized at the SkyWay production facilities after the initial testing.

The next stage of the testing will begin in late October. The tests will be performed not on the truss track, as it was in September, but on the superlight one, which will provide new information about the operation of the string rail complex, intended for passenger and cargo transportation.

Due to the large volume of scheduled works and the desire of the parties to check the technical, economic and environmental parameters of a unibike and unibus on different types of track structures, there was made a joint decision to conduct the tests in several stages.

Therefore, the experts of the certification body will once again come to the EcoTechnoPark for the second stage of testing. At the same time, the results of studies of the characteristics and behavior of a unibike and a unibus on a flexible (sagging) track structure, which is light, delicate and elegant, are of great interest. After all, the unibus movement is like a bird flying in the air since the track is not visible and even does not shadow.

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