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22 October 2017


Results of the International Railway Equipment Exhibition

The twelfth International Railway Equipment Exhibition has come to an end. It has become one of the major events in the life of the transport community not only in Asia but also around the world. This international forum was held in New Delhi at the Expo Center Pragati Maidan. SkyWay display stand was one of the most popular one, since we have concentrated the main amount of innovations.

We offer to your attention a video interview with the Head of Targeted Projects Department under the Administration on development at SkyWay Technologies Co. Kiryl Badulin, who has recently returned from a business trip to India. He reveals in it his assessment on the capacity of the Indian transport market, explains the reasons for the decision to participate in the exhibition and describes the exposition of SkyWay display stand emphasizing its most popular exhibits. Kiryl also explains his opinion about SkyWay competitors, expressed in an interview to the newspaper Indian Express, shares his vision on the purpose for participation and the preliminary results of work at the exhibition, as well as on the plans for developing new contacts obtained in Delhi.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo everybody! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. My today's talk partner is very well-known to you. This is Kiryl Badulin, Head of Targeted Projects Department at SkyWay Technologies Co. Hallo, Kiryl!

Kiryl Badulin: Good afternoon!

M.K.: You have just returned from India, where you participated in the XII International Railway Equipment Exhibition. Tell us, where it was held, about its significance for India, Asia and the entire world.

K.B.: The exhibition was held at the Expo Center Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. It is a major exhibition center consisting of several pavilions. In general, this exhibition is one the most significant events in the transport sector for India and the whole Asia. About 20 various countries took part in it. Since the Asian market is one of the determining for transport industry, I should say it is quite important for the whole world.

M.K.: It is clear that the capacity of the Indian transport market is really unlimited. However, perhaps, you have some particular figures on the demand for Yunitskiy SkyWay transport in this country.

K.B.: Yes. We have conducted a special research on this subject. According to our estimates, the need in SkyWay transport at the Indian market is 130,000 km of routes as a minimum. It is twice more than the present total distance of railroads there.

M.K.: Impressive. I would also like you to specify, what reasons caused the decision to participate in the exhibition and whether it was the result of the work at the joint Belarus-India Business Forum that was held simultaneously with the visit of our President to India on 11-12 September this year.

K.B.: In fact, these are elements of the unified strategy, which is the promotion of our project at the Indian market in various spheres. Speaking about the Business Forum, it was the promotion among the business circles, primarily Indian ones. And the exhibition was aimed at the project's promotion in the transport sector and its introduction to the general public.

M.K.: By the way, what was displayed at the SkyWay stand? What did you exhibit to the general public? Any models, simulators or particular projects? Tell us briefly, please.

K.B.: The main highlight of our stand was the model of SkyWay transport at 1:10 scale. It was the most popular one, everybody took photos with it and examined it vividly. Some of them could not understand what it was. Besides, we have presented a model of SkyWay transport at 1:50 scale, a design of string rail, a motor-wheel and a security module.

M.K.: Even before your return, we knew from publications in local media that our display stand was at the center of attention. On reading your interview to the newspaper "Indian Express", a question appeared from us to you. Let me cite your saying "Our Company is not competing with the existing producers," you said. And answering the question "Who are your competitors?" you said "They are basically innovative Transport: Hyperloop by Elon Mask, Metrino and SkyTran from Israel." So, do we have competitors or not? To your opinion.

K.B.: To my opinion, all the existing transport systems, especially those in India (trains bedangled with people, who did not manage to get inside them) are not competitors for us, because it is a very uncomfortable transportation service. We are offering a modern, comfortable and eco-friendly mode of transport, where passengers spend minimum time for travelling. They save much time for themselves. Our competitors are only those Companies that can propose something similar, i.e. comfortable and speedy transportation services. Speaking about the above-mentioned projects from Hyperloop, Metrino and SkyTran, they presently exist only as images. They have no test tracks.

M.K.: Neither design visualizations.

K.B.: Right you are.

M.K.: Thank you. Since you are heading the Targeted Projects Department working actively at the exhibition, does it mean that some particular projects were discussed there and possible Agreements were signed?

K.B.: Actually, some particular projects were discussed, but it is too early to speak about Agreements, because it is a new transport system. It is not known to everyone at the transport market. It needs some time to take a decision on a global cooperation.

M.K.: It means, the purpose of your participation was not traditional, when, for example, producers of friges, locomotives or some other marketable products strive to sign as many contracts as possible. If you do it, it is good. If not, it is bad. What was really the main purpose of your participation?

K.B.: The main purpose of our participation was to obtain the maximum number of new contacts at this market. Primarily with the managers of enterprises. I managed to collect a whole pack of business cards as a result of the trip. We shall work out all these contacts in the near future trying to get a sensible result.

M.K.: Do I understand correctly that participation in the exhibition has met your expectations?

K.B.: Yes, it has completely met the expectations. I can also add that together with us such major Companies as Siemens, Hitachi, Bosch were displayed. .... On looking through their stands, one can say definitely that our products are certainly more interesting. For instance, Siemens offered a high-speed train with a top running speed of 250 km/h.

M.K.: Perhaps, they have also faster trains, but their cost is sky-high. Their project on Maglev seems terminated at all, isn't it?

K.B.: Yes, it is, as far as I know.

M.K.: If the participation in the exhibition is organized correctly, the main work is done not at it, but after it. All these business cards shown by you confirm it. What are you doing presently?

K.B.: Now I am determining the priority of the obtained contacts. Based on this selection, we shall go on to collaborate with Indian partners. I hope the results will bring to us many new targeted projects.

M.K.: Thank you very much. I wish us all more of these projects of high quality. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned to the news update at our official website. Support our project and then even not the warmest time of the year will be warmed up with warm recollections.


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