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6 November 2017


SkyWay is the transport meeting key requirements to development of Arctic region

The portal of the informational and analytical project "Sonar 2050" posted an article (in Russian), in which the Head of the Laboratory for demonstration technologies under the State scientific center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute" Ivan Sidelnikov provides an assessment of the immediate prospects for the development of one of Russia's regions of responsibility and influence - the Arctic region.

SkyWay is the transport meeting key requirements to development of Arctic region



The unique geographical position of the region and huge mineral resources concentrated on its territory are causing a collision of national interests of the world's leading countries such as USA, Canada, Denmark and Norway. Taking into account these circumstances, the development of the Arctic zone is the most important strategic task for Russia. The developments of an engineering school from Belarus can be used for its solution:

"There are sectors and areas that historically connect Belarus with Arctic projects. The first thing that comes to mind is transport - BelAZ trucks operate at all major polar deposits of Russia. Today Belarus has also interesting proposals in the field of transport technologies. Let me remind you, it is just the transport issue that is one of the most acute today in the North. I mean the so-called transport systems of the "second level" - rail tracks laid on overpasses. An unusual display stand is located in EcoTechnoPark near Minsk, where they are now testing the new technology - string transport. I first met this technology and its author 14 years ago. And the developers have overcome a difficult way over the years from "it can't be" level to "it seems, it really is the answer to the users' demand" level. This technology appeared in late 1980-ies as a possible response to the tasks of developing the Siberian and Arctic deposits that are hardly accessible and, therefore, extremely expensive to involve them in economic turnover", - comments Ivan Sidelnikov.

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