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1 December 2017


Yekaterinburg and Vitebsk got to know the routes of the second level better

A proposal to build a route by SkyWay technology was made at the meeting of the working group "Yekaterinburg 300", which will submit projects for investment by the anniversary of the city to the country's leadership. It is reported by the regional edition ekburg.tv (in Russian). According to the portal justmedia.ru (in Russian), it is proposed to replace the second metro line with this transport running "above the ground".

Yekaterinburg and Vitebsk got to know the routes of the second level better

Calculations have already been done for multiple tracks inside Yekaterinburg: from the Academic township to the Center, from the Academic township to Botanika, as well as to Koltsovo, Uktus and Khimmash.

One of the problems is the shuttle migration of residents living in the suburbs and other towns of the region arriving to Ekaterinburg to work. The scheme of the public transportation traffic in Yekaterinburg is basically radial, i.e., in order to get from one township to another people have to pass via the Center, which creates a great strain on the roads. The elevated transport system built with innovative SkyWay technology can solve this task alongside with providing remote areas with high-speed and convenient public transport.

Let us remind that the academic community and students of Yekaterinburg are intensively studying SkyWay transport technologies. SkyWay technology became the basis of business-cases, presented by the students of Construction Institute under the Ural Federal University to financial experts and potential investors last year (in Russian). There, in the Urals, together with the introduction of innovations the first flashes of nimbyism in Russia happened. A separate article was published about it.

At the same time, SkyWay was presented in Vitebsk, the regional center of Northern Belarus. Operating models of the new mode of high-speed and eco-friendly Unitsky String Transport in the scale of 1:10 were displayed in the shopping center "Trio", reports the edition "Vitebsk news" (in Russian).

Yekaterinburg and Vitebsk got to know the routes of the second level better

This problem is relevant both for the Vitebsk region and other regions of the country. For example, residents of Beshenkovichy are annually worried about one and the same issue - crossing the water obstacle of 184-meter width to get from one bank of the Western Dvina river to the other one to work, study or just shopping. In winter, people can cross that river only on the ice, if it is strong enough. From spring to autumn they arrange a pontoon ferry, and in the offseason period the local Company "Beshenkovichi utilities" transports people with boats. Vehicles have to detour dozens of kilometers.

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