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17 December 2017


Visualization of SkyWay routes in Yekaterinburg

Visualization of the project on SkyWay transport routes in Yekaterinburg has appeared in the Internet. The project shows how elevated overpass tracks will be realized for the city and its suburbs with a total length of 156 km. The estimated cost of the project at the dollar rate of 60 RUB will be about 60 billion roubles (track, rolling stock and infrastructure).

The SkyWay transport project for the city was discussed at the last meeting of the Public chamber of Sverdlovsk region. The presented urban transport scheme includes the directions from the Academic Center, from VIZ factory to ZhBK plant and Uralmash Co., from Botanica to Academic district and from "Tagansky Ryad" to the Eastern area. The fare above the ground is the same - 28 roubles, however, the traffic speed would increase to 150 kilometers per hour. Public SkyWay transport carriages are called unibuses, small triple taxies - unicars and cargo vehicles - unitrucks.

Visualization of SkyWay routes in Yekaterinburg

One of the causes for urban congestion is the shuttle migration of residents from the suburbs and other towns in the region. The scheme of public transport traffic in Ekaterinburg is primarily radial, i.e., in order to get from one borough to another you have to pass through the Center. In addition to supplying a high-speed and convenient public transport to remote areas, this task can be solved with the elevated transport system built by SkyWay innovative technology. This transport is several times less-costly than metro due to the reduction of land acquisition cost, high wear resistance and low maintenance expenses.

Visualization of SkyWay routes in Yekaterinburg

It is expected that the new transportation network will be extended around the entire Ural Federal District by 2035. It will connect Yekaterinburg with Perm, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk. The Ural capital's authorities announced this forecast while discussing the concept of creating the Great Yekaterinburg agglomeration in February 2017. Yekaterinburg's population will reach two and a half million people by 2050 and that of agglomeration - about three million. This forecast is under public discussion, because it is important for the city Administration to obtain feedback from the citizens. The most progressive ideas will be taken into account in the forecast and Strategic development plan.

Visualization of SkyWay routes in Yekaterinburg

You can read details on the potential of SkyWay technologies for the region in the journal of multidisciplinary scientific publications "Eco-Potential" No. 3 of 2014. It has published an article (in Russian) by V. Litovsky, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, associate Professor, Head of sector for allocation and development of productive forces under the Institute of Economics, Urals branch of Russian Academy of Sciences "On fundamental priorities of forming the Urals infrastructure on the basis of innovative technological solutions and developments by A.Yunitskiy".

On fundamental priorities of forming the Urals infrastructure on the basis of innovative technological solutions and developments by Anatoly Yunitskiy

At the same time, the demonstration center of the developer SkyWay Technologies Co. EcoTechnoPark near Minsk was visited by a delegation of Chelyabinsk region headed by Sergey Smolnikov, Minister of economic development and Yury Paranichev, first Deputy Head of Chelyabinsk Administration. The guests have outlined the priority locations to build SkyWay systems: Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk and agglomeration "Ural Mountains"; SkyWay Company is now preparing pre-project proposals on them. Chelyabinsk region is interested in complete production cycle including creation of track structure and rolling stock.

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