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25 December 2017


SkyWay production facility with Alexander Sinkevich: part 4

We continue the documentary series about the production of SkyWay transport. Our today's guide to the world of the innovative transport technology is Alexander Sinkevich, Chief of special design technological Bureau with pilot production facility at SkyWay project designing organization. The engineer gives details on the new high-tech equipment, the processes of creating, teamwork and innovative approaches to solving complex production problems.

Translation of the video:

Alexander Sinkevich: Here is an example of a complex bended and welded structure that we have produced ourselves using sheet material.

Mikhail Kirichenko: It reminds me the movie "Mad Max" with Mel Gibson.

A.S.: A certain stage of production can be considered "Mad Max" for sure. In the past life it were steel sheets of various thickness. On passing the technological cycle completely including laser cutting, bending of all these complex elements and special welding, we have received a frame of the traction module actually ready for painting to mount on the double-rail unibus. Now it is a finished structure that you will see later at the assembly section. There are several of them there. This is a frame for installing power drive, motors, brakes, all other units, cooling system, etc. In fact, this is the basic bearing structure.

M.K.: Let's go and see where it will be installed.

A.S.: It is the same steel part, painted and staying in the assembly workshop. Now they are fixing driving wheels, hub groups, side, biasing and lower rollers. Now they will add communications, cooling system, electric equipment, etc. Then this element will be installed on the roof of the double-rail unibus and will become its heart and traction that will drive it along our track structures.

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