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10 January 2018


Industry 4.0 in SkyWay Technologies Co.: development of new models in SkyWay transport will come up faster and better

Information technologies have significantly changed the "interior" of our lives. Literally, everything has changed for half a century, from daily shopping to working days in an office or at a factory. Such changes also require transformation of production processes. Today, the material world is joining the virtual one, new ways of working with projects, drawings, production tools are emerging. Technical developments, designing, manufacture and maintenance are tied up into a single chain due to the use of information technologies. This is called "industry 4.0".

Industry 4.0

The term "industry 4.0" appeared in 2011 at one of the industrial exhibitions in Hannover. At that time, the German government drew attention to the need for a wider use of computing resources in production. Essentially, the new industry assumes the maximum computerization of the entire production chain, from the idea stage to the stage of product use and its maintenance.

The basic principles of "industry 4.0" are the collection of a complete data volume about everything that technology makes, intelligent technical support, rendering part of administrative solutions to electronic systems and use of Internet of things. In the future, the development of this approach to production can allow a person to create the necessary objects literally on a coffee machine principle: you just need to enter the requirements and the machine will do everything itself.

The industry operating on new principles provides new opportunities that were not available in the previous epoch of mass production. Flexible business models and the use of sophisticated adjustable equipment can provide the opportunity to make a product of high quality, designed, manufactured and configured for each particular customer individually.

In construction sector, it is possible already today to print a whole house by a computer-simulated project using a huge 3D-printer

In construction sector, it is possible already today to print a whole house
by a computer-simulated project using a huge 3D-printer

The work purpose of Skyway Technologies Co. is the creation, improvement and step-by-step widespread introduction of a fundamentally new mode of transport called SkyWay by the developers. The Company strives to ensure compliance of manufactured products to the standards of the digital era. SkyWay transport systems fit easily into the logic of the development of Internet of things, provide for the collection of the complete amount of data, intellectual and technological support and rendering a part of management solutions to electronics. In this regard, SkyWay has introduced technologies allowing to carry out rendering the process of development, production and operation of the transport complex throughout its total life cycle to a unified digital platform. The supplier of such technologies at the current stage is the French Company Dassault Systemes, the developer of "3D experience" platform.

The use of this platform provides the opportunity to all project designing Bureaus to work simultaneously over a complete and detailed 3D model of the project, to introduce all the required changes, to draw up technical documentation, to create instructions for automated machines and even to make orders to procure components needed for production. In practice, this means that the changes introduced in the project are reflected in the final model, all the errors and inconsistencies in the design are immediately detected, and the final project is sent to the production line in the form of distinct instructions. Moreover, when the product is used, the system will go on following it and issuing recommendations for maintenance and operation.

Using "3D experience", SkyWay Technologies Co. will be able to reduce the time for developing new and unique custom-made projects, whereas earlier their creation needed a huge amount of time. In addition, coordination of work between departments and a high level of automation will ensure a better quality of works.

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