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25 January 2018


EcoTechnoPark: construction work at the section of cargo complex

Our Company proceeds with mounting metal structures at the U-turn, concreting the drainage pit at the loading/unloading terminal and waterproofing it on-site SkyWay freight transport complex in EcoTechnoPark.

SkyWay EcoTechnoPark: construction work at the section of cargo complex

In a conversation with the Head of SkyWay news service, Sergey Zaiko, construction manager of SkyWay Technologies Co. commented on the progress of works on-site the freight track, told about the details of cooperation with contractors and also shared plans for the further construction and operation.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! You are watching SkyWay news where we are reporting on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Now we are at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark and talk to construction manager Sergey Zaiko. Hallo, Sergey! Tell us please what is happening today on the territory under your supervision?

Sergey Zaiko: Good afternoon. Today we are doing on-site assembling of metal structures at the U-turn of the freight line. Besides, we go on with the work at the loading/unloading terminal. We are filling concrete in the outside drainage pits and waterproofing them. We are also receiving metal structures for the loading/unloading terminal.

M.K.: What about the quality of metal structures? How are contractors working?

S.Z.: Our Department of technical control deals with the factory that produces these trusses for us. When the trusses are finished, they go to the factory and accept them. Certainly, they accept them not at once. However, metal structures arrive here and we do their final perfection here and assemble according to the project design specifications.

M.K.: So, those structures we have just seen are ready for mounting. Does it mean they have been accepted by the technical control, or rather quality control and we shall see them soon at the U-turn of the freight route that we are passing by?

S.Z.: That's right. The Department of technical control or the quality Department of our Company has accepted them.

M.K.: As I know, a unitruck will ride here on this U-turn.

S.Z.: Exactly. A unitruck will run here. We are now going to the loading/unloading terminal, where a metal bunker will be installed in the prepared drainage pit. According to the technology, loading and unloading of bulk materials will be done there.

M.K.: At what stage is the construction of this terminal? What has been done by today and what kind of work is in progress at the moment?

S.Z.: Up to date, we have done concreting of the drainage pit by 70%. Waterproofing is also done partially. After finishing it, we plan backfilling of the pit with layer-by-layer compaction. In parallel we shall do preparation work to install the bunker at the loading/unloading terminal.

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