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7 March 2018


Acceptance testing of unitruck

In the workshops of SkyWay pilot production facility engineers started acceptance tests of unitruck, during which they determine the conformity of technical parameters of this vehicle to the designed ones and test its basic systems.

After completion of comprehensive factory tests, the unitruck will be shipped to EcoTechnoPark for running tests on the track structure. Prior to this, the unitruck has already been tested at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark in summer and autumn 2017. The data collected then formed the basis for the improvements made at the current stage.

Dmitry Skridlevsky, a leading expert in quality control and metrology of the Technical Supervision and Quality Control Department under Skyway Technologies Co., comments on the course of acceptance tests.

Translation of the video:

Dmitry Skridlevsky: On completing all assembly operations and start-up work, we pass over to the acceptance procedure for this vehicle called "unitruck".

There is a list of tests that are carried out at the factory. Any irregularities or deviations from design requirements are corrected on the spot. Compared with the previous version, we have introduced a number of structural changes to this pod. All of them were done and should be checked by tests.

The next stage is performance testing at EcoTechnoPark that will confirm the quality of this vehicle and its capability to execute the functions defined for it by the technical specification.

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