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4 April 2018


Unicont U4-192

A suspended double-rail self-propelled vehicle of SkyWay string transport system - unicont of U4-192 model is designed to traffic sea containers with a nominal length of 20 and 40 feet. Unicont is designed for use in climatic conditions with both dry and humid tropical climate and outside storage.

Unicont U4-192



One of the most significant advantages of SkyWay freight transport in general and unicont in particular is that the infrastructure, on which cargo moves, is much cheaper compared to the analogues. This is achieved through the use of overpasses designed using SkyWay technology. In addition, the string transport system makes it possible to arrange an efficient interaction with all the existing modes of transport - this is extremely important in the context of the generally accepted principle of intermodality.

The unicont runs along a double-rail string track. The transport module itself is a wheeled vehicle consisting of two traction modules interconnected with a stiff telescopic coupling unit of center-girder type, which also functions as a cargo support platform. A traction electric drive powered from a contact network provides the movement of the module with a maximum speed of up to 80 km/h. There is also an emergency power supply from the energy storage unit. Such reinsurance is very important in commercial transport, because idle time is a loss of profit in business.

Unicont U4-192



An automatic intelligent system ensures the accuracy and safety of the unicont. It has the task to control all the units and systems of the vehicle in the autonomous mode and in control mode from the dispatching station determining the prerequisites for emergencies on the route and in the vehicle itself with the detection and performance of actions to prevent these situations.

A computer will be able both to accept and process the tasks from the traffic supervisor and to take over the control. In the absence of a signal, an on-board intelligent control system will operate according to the terms of reference taking into account all the input data. The computer will also take over the work on monitoring the technical condition of the transport module; the traffic supervisor will receive information about the wear of equipment units timely with the help of various sensors.

Despite all the technologically complex "stuffing" of unicont, its operation should not cause difficulties. The design of the vehicle provides ease of maintenance, repair and storage, the layout makes it possible to perform repairs by unit replacement method.

There is already certain interest in unicont: SkyWay freight solutions attracted the attention of many representatives of local business and national administrations at the exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific Region, which we highlighted earlier. Work is already underway on the feasibility study of a SkyWay cargo infrastructure project for one of Indonesian ports.

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