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15 April 2018


EcoTechnoPark: testing Unitruck for noise level

These days tests with the Unitruck U4-131 are underway in EcoTechnoPark. This pod is tested for conformity with one of the mandatory safety indicators - the exterior noise level. The necessary measurements are taken on a semi-rigid track structure while the vehicle is moving at 50 km/h speed.

At the end of the measurements the engineers from SkyWay Technologies Co. will receive the values of the external noise level and will be able to assess their regulatory compliance. According to preliminary data from the test site, the noise level is below the specified norms. These tests precede the final acceptance of the vehicle and allow to submit Unitruck U4-131 for certification.

Gennady Zubelevich, leading engineer of the Department of testing, certification and standardization, tells more details about the tests.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we are reporting on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. We haven't been entertaining you with the news from EcoTechnoPark for a long time now. That's why it is a festive and sunny day today. Our today's talk partner is Gennady Zubelevich, who is supervising the tests with the unitruck. Good afternoon, Gennady! Please tell us more about your post and the procedure going on here now.

Gennady Zubelevich: Good afternoon! I am a leading engineer of the Management on testing, certification and standardization. Today we are proceeding at EcoTechnoPark with testing the vehicle Unitruck U4-131. This pod is tested for conformity with one of the mandatory safety indicators - the exterior noise level. We are doing the trials on the semi-rigid track structure at 50 km/h speed of the vehicle as per the methods specified by the Program. We take measurements at the right and left sides of the running pod. These tests will allow us to get the levels of external noise and estimate their conformity with the acting norms and standards. These trials are carried out within the framework of a comprehensive checking of this vehicle at acceptance tests.

M.K.: At what distance should the measurements be taken as per the specified methods?

G.Z.: Well, we take measurements at the distance of 7.5 m to the right and left from the running vehicle.

M.K.: Right now, we see the unitruck riding behind us. To my mind, the noise level is quite acceptable. It is riding not loudly. What about your data, though preliminary? What do they say about the conformity with the requirements specified for this vehicle?

G.Z.: You know, the exterior noise level from this pod is quite low. We correspond completely to all the normative documents, developed and approved Program methods, by which we accept and assess the conformity of this vehicle. It runs with a great margin in exterior noise. I'd like to point out that this testing goes on within the framework of acceptance trials, precede the final acceptance of this vehicle and will allow to submit it for certification tests.

M.K.: Thank you very much. I am not going to bother you any longer. You have a very important work ahead. Thank you for the company. Sign up to our youtube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. And everything in your life will be in motion, on time and correspond to relevant things.


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