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4 May 2018


Interviews with representatives of delegation from San Marino

You already know from our previous news releases that on March 14-15, 2018 SkyWay Technologies Co. was visited by a delegation of political and business circles of San Marino and Italy, headed by the Secretary of State of the Republic of San Marino, Minister of territory, environment and tourism Augusto Michelotti. From 25 to 27 April 2018, a repeated visit of the delegation took place, in which technical experts were already included for a more detailed study of building a SkyWay transportation system in this country.

We also reported that the Republic of San Marino has placed an order with the architecture Studio "Stefano Boeri Architetti" in Milan that is already in charge of the National regulation plan for this country, the project of the route for a SkyWay transport line to pass. This Studio is in many respects our like-minded partner, because it is on its project that the best skyscraper in the world of 2015 "Bosco verticale" ("Vertical forest") was built in Milan.

We offer to your attention interviews with Augusto Michelotti, Secretary of State of the Republic of San Marino, and engineer Giuseppe Vallelonga, consultant to Stefano Boeri Architetti Studio.

Translation of the video:

UNESCO lists the historic center of San Marino and mount Titano as world heritage sites by cultural criteria - in other words, due to the unique beauty of these places. From 25 to 27 April 2018, there took place the second visit of a delegation headed by Secretary of State of the Republic of San Marino, Minister of territory, environment and tourism Augusto Michelotti to the SkyWay technology development center.

Interview with Augusto Michelotti
Secretary of State, Minister of territory, environment and tourism of San Marino

Mikhail Kirichenko: Good evening, Mr. Michelotti.

Augusto Michelotti: Good evening.

╠.╩.: What is the reason for your visit to Belarus?

└.╠.: I have come here to verify and form an opinion on the operation of this equipment, which is a new and modern technology. Due to its novelty, it was interesting to see its functionality. We were satisfied, we liked it, we made sure that everything works and interesting for us. We are interested primarily, because we want to create a transport system that is an alternative to the rubber-tyred car in our country. And this infrastructure seems to us the most interesting of all that we have seen so far.

╠.╩.: Thanks. I would also like to ask what would be your next steps, what are you going to do in the near future?

└.╠.: As regards this initiative, for the implementation of which we have come, the creation of such an infrastructure is of the utmost importance to us. We will set up contacts and provide opportunities to develop this project. We have already got acquainted with each other, held talks, discussed issues and understood that Belarus and San Marino might have a feeling of true friendship, because our nations are similar. However, if we build up something together, it will further strengthen our friendship.

╠.╩.: Many thanks and best wishes to all of us!

└.╠.: Thank you, too!

The delegation included engineer Giuseppe Vallelonga of Mobility in Chain, a consultant at architecture studio Stefano Boeri Architetti as an expert. The skyscraper "Bosco verticale" ("Vertical forest"), designed by this Đompany and built in Milan, was recognized as the best in the world in 2015. The government of San Marino has placed with the studio an order for a project of a route for Sky Way transport line to pass.

Interview with Guiseppe Vallelonga
Consultant to Stefano Boeri Architetti Studio from the Mobility in Chain Company

Giuseppe Vallelonga: I am a consultant at the "Boeri" studio, an employee of the company "Mobility in Chain", and we also advise the government developing the master plan together.

╠.╩.: The government of San Marino or Italy?

G.V.: The government of San Marino, with which we are developing the master plan for the Republic of San Marino. Of course, there is a close connection between architect Boeri's activities and the thing that is being created in San Marino, since the keynote of this work is the sustainable development of the territory with a special attention to environmental impact, to sustainable mobility and naturalization of the territory. Therefore, the principle laid down in the "Vertical forest", which is to bring nature and greenery to the city, is definitely fully consistent with what we are doing in San Marino.

╠.╩.: Thanks. Today you visited SkyWay EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka, near Minsk. What are your impressions?

G.V.: We were greatly impressed by the scale of the project, its feasibility, the seriousness that we saw in your Company, and we hope that we will be able to find common ground so that this new technology, which we could check, touch and test, would take an important place in the territory of San Marino, too. That is, the impressions are good, now we need to do our best and start to work.

╠.╩.: Well then, good work and congratulations!

G.V.: Same to you! Thank you, Mikhail!

Having examined SkyWay technology, the guests expressed the opinion that a semi-rigid track structure would be best suited for San Marino. SkyWay Technologies Co. and Stefano Boeri Architetti have begun the joint work of on this project, and soon a group of SkyWay technical professionals will visit San Marino for its study on the ground.

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