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24 May 2018


Anatoly Yunitskiy sent a request to introduce String Transport in the Law "On road traffic"

The author of the concept of String Transport and the General designer of SkyWay Technologies Co. Anatoly Yunitskiy noted in a letter (in Russian and its translation into English) to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Lieutenant General Igor Shunevich that the String Transport System already exists, and the first samples of the rolling stock - unibus and unibike - have already been certified.

Based on the fact that SkyWay transport is almost ready to operate in the transport system of the country, Anatoly Yunitskiy petitions to introduce into the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On road traffic" provisions on the transport of the "second" level, in particular, on unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels moving along a special string-rail overpass. As it is emphasized in the letter, such addition corresponds to the world trends according to which electric cars, including unmanned vehicles, are becoming road users.

Anatoly Yunitskiy sent a request to introduce String Transport in the Law On road traffic

Only the issues of new small modes of transport have been raised in the framework of the public discussion so far. New categories will be introduced for quads and snowmobiles - respectively, H and I. They can be driven from the age of 17 years.

The subject of legislative registration of new modes of transport is now being raised more and more actively, especially as regards self-driving cars. So, on May 16, the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum held a discussion: "Unmanned vehicles in Russia: required regulation to ensure technological leadership", where experts have discussed the possibility of testing driverless cars on public roads, aspects of safety for passengers and pedestrians as well as road infrastructure development and aligning Russian legislation in the field of unmanned vehicles in conformity with international standards. The participants of the discussion came to the conclusion that the regulation of unmanned transport in Russia at this stage needs a serious examination.

At the same time, in the USA, where the main companies-manufacturers of unmanned vehicles are located, the legislation is already beginning to adapt to new challenges: in some of the States, a legal definition of "Autonomous control system" has already appeared, which should allow licensing of self-driving cars. At the moment, laws on the regulation of unmanned vehicles have already been signed in 22 States and the capital district of Columbia.

It should be noted that many problems associated with the legislative regulation of autonomous vehicles do not relate to Skyway transport - an additional level of safety is provided by the transfer of the traffic flow up on a lightweight overhead overpass.

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