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25 May 2018


EcoOffice - the way to optimize workspace

SkyWay technologies were originally developed by Anatoly Yunitskiy with the aim to improve the quality of human life through environmental sanitation. After the Chernobyl ecological disaster (that has destroyed village Kryuki, the small Yunitskiy's homeland located only 7 km from Chernobyl), in connection with the growing shortage of urban land, which aggravated the environmental situation, there appeared the idea of using roofs of buildings, underground garages, overpasses and other artificial grounds for the creation of architectural and landscape objects using green spaces. According to SkyWay ˝reator's conception, green roofs should provide an increase in the standard of living and improve human health making the environment comfortable and close to natural conditions.

Already in July 2017, EcoFest guests were able to enjoy the aromas of blooming gardens on the roofs of anchor supports and the guest house at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. This work was headed by Anatoly Yunitskiy's Deputy for bio- and agrotechnologies, former Deputy Minister of agriculture and food of the Republic of Belarus, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Vasily Pavlovsky.

Work on such an important element of SkyWay technologies continues, and now the idea of creating a comfortable microclimate, contributing to the improvement of employees' health and working efficiency, has been transferred to the building of the project designing organization.

We offer to your attention a video interview with the Deputy General director of SkyWay Technologies Co. for project designing Marina Tretyak, who turned her office premises into a blooming garden.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we are reporting on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today we are talking to the Deputy General Director of SkyWay Technologies Co. on project designing Marina Tretyak. Good day, Marina!

Marina Tretyak: Hallo!

M.K.: Tell us, where have you got this beauty that surrounds us?

M.T.: Well, I am not a biologist, I am just a project designer. However, we are now engaged with a very interesting project designing. These are eco-technologies, linear cities, greening, without any asphalt, only garden stuff, therefore, we applied it in our room, too. To develop the project, we have to figure out what plants are needed, what is useful, the quantity needed, etc.

M.K.: Does it mean your staff and you are some sort of laboratory guinea-pigs?

M.T.: Yes, you are right.

M.K.: What are the results?

M.T.: Positive so far. You see, the team is alive, everything is alright. The majority of the staff are men, but they somehow manage to take care of these plants, tend and weed them.

M.K.: Though it seems a women's work. One of our fellows came here and said, "Hey, this place is not for allergic people." What do you think about this remark?

M.T.: You know, we have studied this point, too. Maybe we have selected not very beautiful flowers, there is no rave of color: blue, red, yellow and violet, but each of these plants was chosen reasonably. We prioritized primarily the men's team with a minimum care of the plants and comfort for the staff. Secondly, it is certainly people's health, because everyone has some problems and we did not want to do any harm to them. And the main thing is good breathing. We have many people here, this is an open-space area, therefore we wanted to make it comfortable for everyone. We all like to go camping on weekends, to breathe fresh air and listen to birds singing. They are also singing here outside the window.

M.K.: Do you want to say that your people come here to work on weekends?

M.T.: They come sometimes. That's why all these plants were selected not at random. We have been studying the issue for a week ourselves. Then we have contacted our colleagues from Universities, consulted with them on the plants to apply in the office. We spoke to biologists and botanists to do it the best way. You see, there is not much sunlight here. Moreover, there are many people and computers in the room. We wanted to create good air and good feeling.

M.K.: You wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

M.T.: Oh yes! Right you are! I am not a biologist, just an amateur. Here is the plant called chlorophytum. It is quite small. Many housewives had it previously. It does not look very attractive with its small leaves, but it produces a lot of oxygen. It is recommended to have 4-6 of them for every 20 sq. m. A man can feel oxygen and breathe easier. It is important for us, since we have many people, computers and other appliances.

M.K.: I can breathe quite easily here and I noticed that the air is more humid here than in our other rooms.

M.T.: Yes, that's right. We have also monsteras here. They are lianas. They also absorb various hazardous substances and disengage oxygen.

M.K.: Moreover, some spirit-healers say they absorb negative energy, therefore they grow well in hospitals and offices.

M.T.: This is really so, because we have minimum of scandals. Though the work atmosphere is tense here, but we do not have any conflicts.

M.K.: It is creatively tense! You do not confront anybody; you just do the common work.

M.T.: Right. And these are ferns. Actually, these selected plants here perform 3 functions. Firstly, it is oxygen saturation, then control of formaldehydes, because we all live in the buildings made of bricks and concrete.

M.K.: Like substances from burning plastic.

M.T.: Yes, they are harmful for people. And these plants absorb formaldehydes. And some of the plants control microbes producing phytoncides to fight with them.

M.K.: Thank you very much, Marina. You have a lot of work, I am not going to distract you any longer. Sign up to our youtube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. The most useful project in the world.


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