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9 June 2018


Comfort as science

Here you can find a video interview with Anatoly Yunitskiy, in which not the most frequently mentioned aspects of SkyWay are discussed. Our interlocutor also gives his vision on the development of the project, not only as the General designer of SkyWay Technologies Co., but also as a successful entrepreneur. SkyWay is not only speed, sustainability, safety, affordability, but also comfort. The comfort is what Anatoly Yunitskiy tells about as explicitly as never before!

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we are reporting on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. In today's interview with Anatoly Yunitskiy you will meet him not only as an outstanding designer, the author of SkyWay technology, but also as a successful businessman. He will share his viewpoint on our project's development.

Anatoly Yunitskiy: Certainly, we are developing. We are doing it rapidly. Now we have the 4th generation of the complex. Not a system, but a complex with the rolling stock, overpass, infrastructure and intelligent safety control system for the entire complex. At present we are doing generation 4+ and soon we shall pass over to generation 5. And the 4th one will go to the market. We have already a great number of pre-orders and orders.

M.K.: And orders, too?

A.Y.: Yes, but I cannot announce them so far. Therefore, the things that we have done, we are doing and certifying will go to the market. However, as soon as we introduce a product to the market, any product whatever, it is already "dead". In general, it is lagging behind, but while it is being sold and implemented, we can improve it, make the next generation and replace the old product that is less perfect with a new product. Then it would be possible to surpass all the competitors forever, because they copy what they see, but we see farther, we know more and we do more. That's why one can say that we have surpassed everyone and forever in SkyWay.

M.K.: SkyWay is not only elegancy of design, eco-friendliness, affordability but also comfort, which Anatoly Yunitskiy will describe to you today so explicitly as never before.

A.Y.: There is such a notion in comfortability as smoothness of movement. It was introduced not by us. It was introduced by railway men. They have developed mathematics on comfort vibrations and introduced the notion "smoothness of movement" (W). I prepared this work 20 years ago, when a sinusoidal irregularity was simulated. A vehicle moves along this uneven road. It has a certain mass, suspension, a wheel and, in addition, a vibration damper. Movement cannot be comfortable without it. There are also certain specifications. For example, static stroke motion of suspension, mass, etc. Height of irregularities, amplitude, wave length for a span. There is a formula for smoothness of movement. Here it is, quite simple (video 3:28).

M.K.: Yes, the formula is quite simple.

A.Y.: Simple enough. Knowing the amplitude of vibrations, wave length and its frequency, we can determine the parameters for smoothness of movement. There are also certain requirements to smoothness of movement. If the values of W parameters are very good, they are rated 2. It is a feeling, when you are sitting on a couch and watching TV. And there is a limit W value of 4.5 for the human physiology, when a man will get to a hospital after travelling or even die. So, the range is from 2 to 4.5. Naturally, we are doing the track structure with minimal W value to ensure high comfortability, better than in a railroad. Smoothness of movement depends not only on frequency and amplitude but also on the suspension parameters. In particular, on the static stroke motion of suspension. When a load is applied, it compresses by a certain value. Therefore, we have researched smoothness of movement for irregularities within a wide range and span length, i.e. wave length, of wide range from 10 cm to 1 km. What is 10 cm? It is a micro-irregularity on a rail. One kilometer is a large span. We researched the suspension stiffness from 0 (no suspension at all) to static stroke motion of 1 m. Such high suspension does not exist, though it would provide the smoothest motion. Just imagine how it would compress. If we speak about the touring track, its spans are 40 m long. I can show you the diagrams. Here they are. Marked with different colors for various speeds. From 15 to 140 meters per second. It is up to 500 km/h. The suspension stroke motion is from 10 mm to 1,000 mm. And we have the acceptable value of irregularities to obtain the required smoothness of movement. Now I'm opening the Table. I'm answering to various trolls and ill-wishers that say our track is curved. Not at all. It is all done knowingly to research the conformity of irregularities to these requirements. So, I take W = 2.75, a very good value, better than in a railroad. Here is again the static stroke motion of suspension. At small speeds soft suspension is not needed. Its stroke motion is only 20 mm. I take 90 km/h speed, i.e. 25 m/sec. The acceptable irregularity is 113.71 mm. Therefore, if this sinusoidal irregularity is less than this value, the movement smoothness will be better than 2.75. It is better than in a railroad. Our irregularities are less under load. In addition, we are intentionally doing a counter-curvature to examine it.

M.K.: Am I right to understand that now we shall have a counter-curvature after the reconstruction?

A.Y.: Yes, we do it knowingly to research the other aspect. It is also important to remember that man has a physiology. We are transporting neither wood nor ore. There are comfortable frequencies and amplitudes of vibrations. In one case they do not cause any negative feelings, in another one they are felt very hard resulting in a possible sickness. If we speak about man's physiology, everyone knows that while walking the head and the body are fluctuating by 50-60 mm a couple of times per second. It is 2 Hz frequency. We have approximately the same frequency at a certain speed at the track that we are reconstructing now. The frequency of irregularities there is designed just similar to that one during a walk. The fluctuation amplitude is the same as while walking. It is very useful to walk and run. Everyone knows it. Therefore, we studied and are studying now favorable and unfavorable physiological consequences while riding. In the unibike we are actually simulating a walk or horse riding. By the way, horses are used to cure certain diseases. A horse-rider gets treatment from some diseases while riding at a certain speed, because these are useful fluctuations both by amplitude and by frequency. That's why we have studied it all, we knew how to build the track. All of it was done knowingly and intentionally. Now when we are launching a heavier vehicle, we will show a counter-curvature. There will be a hillock instead of a dimple.

M.K.: And it will be straightened with this heavy vehicle?

A.Y.: Yes, while running on it. All of it can be adjusted within reasonable limits to understand what is better, what is worse. There is no problem to make an absolutely rigid surface on the track structure. Just the route will be 10 times more expensive then.

M.K.: SkyWay is rationality and sufficiency in everything, because an excessive and unreasonable consumption has brought our civilization to the limit where it is standing now. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. And it will be always comfortable for you not only to travel but to live, too, setting up a noble objective worth pursuing.


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