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13 June 2018


New equipment for bench testing

The time, when it was necessary to convince skeptics of feasibility, sustainability, economic attractiveness and even scientific character of the project, has passed. It's time to test the components of SkyWay technology by reproducing external impacts in laboratory conditions that correspond to those for the typical operation of SkyWay transport including cyclic loading and the functioning of its structural elements. To this end, the Company has created a test center, where, among other things, the limit operating time of various components (the limit after which their further operation is unsafe or impractical due to a decrease in efficiency) will be studied.

Here you can find a video interview with Denis Kuryan, Head of Control Systems of Tooling and Test Equipment Design Bureau, SkyWay Technologies Co., who tells in detail about the launch of the center.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we are reporting on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Our today's story is about a new business unit that is being created at SkyWay Technologies Co. Our today's interlocutor will tell us about it in detail. Hallo, Denis!

Denis Kuryan: Hallo, Mikhail! We are now at the bench for wheel testing. It is one of the first benches to be introduced at the test center being created now at EcoTechnoPark. It will allow our testing engineers to implement and check new technologies on certain design parameters. At present we are doing start-up and commissioning work that is nearing the end. The bench is designed to test durability of wheel matters, to determine wheel adhesion coefficient and to test various materials of wheels.

M.K.: That means testing wearability, operating life, etc.

D.K.: Certainly. The main purpose is to simulate operation of various materials under load, in the operational mode and select our best versions.

M.K.: Thank you very much. What other testing benches will you have in that center?

D.K.: I think we shall begin start-up and commissioning of the bench for current collectors later this week, then we shall install the bench for lower supporting frame. In general, we have a working plan for the test center to fill it with benches required for testing engineers. This list is not complete so far. Naturally, during the work process we face some problems that should be simulated including the use of test benches.

M.K.: Does the world market offer the benches needed for us or these are all our own developments?

D.K.: I think the benches we want and suitable for our requirements are not available in the world market. We are working according to the orders from our researchers. Our devices are designed to solve the tasks posed to us by our engineers. I'd like to point out that all the world producers of high-precision machinery with wholesale manufacture are engaged in rigging up their own enterprises with test benches. Such benches are expensive things at any production company, since every bench is unique. It is created under the needs specified by a producer. Accordingly, we are also developing in this trend. During our progress there also appear problems to be solved with performance trials at the test site or with the help of test benches. Therefore, the task of my Design Bureau is to equip our enterprise with the whole set of required benches to solve timely all the problems appearing during the operation of products designed by us.

M.K.: I understand these expenses are justified, because it is the investment to durability and quality of SkyWay technology ensuring its operation for one hundred years without any problem. Am I right?

D.K.: Yes, definitely. You're absolutely right.

M.K.: Thank you for the interview. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. And then we shall cope easily with all the tests in life.


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