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6 July 2018


Why do they predict great future for SkyWay systems?

While the press considers vacuum trains from all angles at the early testing stage, Unitsky String Technologies represented by SkyWay brand are already proceeding with performance trials of the rolling stock at EcoTechnoPark. Why do they predict great future for these systems? To answer this question, the author of the article "String Instruments" (in Russian) published in the popular science journal "Machines and Mechanisms" (in Russian) suggests to get insight of the principle for the operation of SkyWay technologies.

On getting to their bottom, the author concludes that "... there is a serious mistake in the SkyWay system - it's something that was not invented longer before", and everything else is present: low cost, comfort, high speed, environmental friendliness, low material consumption, safety, resistance to terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Why do they predict great future for SkyWay systems?

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