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17 August 2018


The first passengers of SkyWay

The main difference of EcoFest-2018 from the previous festivals (EcoFest-2016 and EcoFest-2017) was the opportunity not only to see the latest developments from SkyWay, but also to test them in action. Over 2,100 guests of the event made a trip in the innovative rolling stock. SkyWay transport complexes, working non-stop in automatic mode, have confirmed their reliability, comfort, safety and readiness to commercial service.

At the end of a trip, passengers were invited to participate in a polling survey and evaluate SkyWay transport by a five-point system. EcoFest 2018 visitors shared their impressions regarding the ease of boarding, disembarking, interior, noise level, lighting and temperature in the cabin, as well as a sense of safety when riding. According to the results of the survey, in which people from 32 countries of the world participated, SkyWay transport was "in top" by all the parameters questioned.

The first passengers of SkyWay

The first passengers of SkyWay



According to the method of indexing customer loyalty to the products of a company (Net Promoter Score), SkyWay indicators are at the level of world leaders such as Tesla Motors, Starbucks, Amazon, etc., which favours a high potential for the further development of the technology and prospects in the battle for a place in the transport market.

The total number of countries that watched the event on-site and online on EcoFest day was 180. EcoTechnoPark site was decorated with flags of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Hungary, Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Jamaica, Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Georgia, Ireland, Cyprus, C?te d'Ivoire, Malta, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Czech Republic - more than 40 countries in total.

In addition to three SkyWay passenger complexes operating non-stop, EcoFest presented a number of new developments, both already tested and being in final stages of implementation, as well as several concepts: cargo transportation complex, super-light track and Uniwind, string bridge, social electric car, drone with a payload capacity of 1.5 tons, "Hyper-U" hyper-speed system.

The third EcoFest became the largest festival in the entire history of SkyWay project. It "displayed goods in prominent view" and proved the possibility for harmonious coexistence of the living nature and technologies in practice. It's us who will act from there on!

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