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14 September 2018


Interview with General Director of the SkyWay Technologies Co.

The business journal OfficeLife published an interview (in Russian) with Nadezhda Kosareva, General Director of the project designing organization SkyWay Technologies Co. The focus is on the trends in the development of transport and labor market, specifics of start-up construction in Belarus and the prospects for SkyWay technology in the world.

Interview with General Director of the SkyWay Technologies Co

Speaking about the cultural and economic situation, Nadezhda Kosareva draws attention to the imbalance between IT and the real sector that is typical for the present times, the lack of designers and engineers. "Now Belarus is acquiring an image of the country of advanced technologies — and where are they, these technologies? New products are quite few, mostly programmers work. And where are engineers and designers? The situation is not so good in this respect," says CEO of SkyWay — one of the few projects that offer something realistic and efficient in such a problematic area as transportation. According to Mrs. Kosareva, other companies operating in this area, offer few interesting ideas. "We are constantly analyzing novelties, and, in general, the results of the analysis are satisfying us so far," she states.

Speaking about SkyWay, Nadezhda Kosareva points out the constructiveness of the approach to the creation of transport, inherent in the essence of technology. "We are working "closer to life" — we do not say that we need, for example, metal from some other planet. Everything is done based on traditional and proven solutions, united and processed so that an absolutely new product is received as a result. The "iron wheel on iron rail" scheme has been used for a very long time, but we apply it in a non-standard way and in combination with other changes — for example, we have removed the screen effect of the roadway when we moved transport up to a string-rail overpass. Due to this, aerodynamics has improved, and at the same time the speed and energy efficiency of transportation rail vehicles — unibuses — have increased. And there are many such nuances; they give a good result in combination."

There is also an interesting answer of SkyWay CEO to the question on why Belarus was chosen as a springboard for launching a large-scale transport start-up. "The most important factor is that Anatoly Yunitskiy is Belarusian. And he really wants Belarus to be known in the entire world. Since the Soviet era, a very strong machine building school has remained in Belarus — everyone knows BelAZ, MAZ, MTZ and many other Belarusian manufacturers. We need employees of such profile. Even if you create something innovative, you want to rely upon reliable specialists that speak to you in the same language."

It is noteworthy that this interview appeared now, when SkyWay Group of Companies has announced its readiness to enter broader transnational platforms and at the current stage intends to concentrate its activity in the Middle East region.

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