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22 October 2018


News agency Sputnik from the Czech Republic on SkyWay transport

"SkyWay is a new mode of transport that is being developed under Anatoly Yunitskiy's leadership and can change the layout of our cities, our conception of transport and the level of ecology," writes the Czech subdivision of the International News Agency Sputnik about the SkyWay transport project.

News agency Sputnik from the Czech Republic on SkyWay transport

Yevgeny Petrov, Head of the Information and Press Department at SkyWay Technologies Co. commented on the prospects, partners and competitors of SkyWay project:

"We have presented our calculations comparing our technology with Hyperloop in the United Arab Emirates. Hyperloop have proposed their transport infrastructure for the route Abu Dhabi — Dubai. According to our calculations, people can travel at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour by SkyWay high-speed transport faster than by Hyperloop, given the time it takes to seal and depressurize the vacuum tube. Speaking of high-speed SkyWay, which is now close to implementation, we do not see Hyperloop as our competitors."

Read the interview in full at the website of the Sputnik Czech News Agency at the link (in Czech).

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